The Santiment Token Sale is complete.

The 45,000 ETH max cap was reached July 5, 2017. Thank you for your support!

SAN token is now trading on: Bitfinex Liqui OkEX OkEX

Sales Summary

45.000 ETH Raised

1 ETH = 1000 SANs

Intended revenue use

  • Datafeeds Dev
  • Acquisitions
  • Mktg/Biz Dev
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Reserve Fund

Funds Allocation

  • Team
  • Partners
  • Reward Pool
  • Presale Payout
  • Public Crowdsale

Token Functionality

The Santiment Network Token Prototype (SAN) has three main functions:


SAN as payment crowdsources pricing for Santiment services, while reserving and creating value for SAN holders.


SAN as stake incentivizes strategic partners to support and enhance Santiment as a datafeeds platform.


SAN as a reward for crowdsourcing data and information increases the value of Santiment services, which create more value for the whole network.

Relevant Documents


Santiment is building the first datafeeds platform specifically for crypto-markets. We’re making the means to track exactly what’s happening in the markets, with real time feeds.


Santiment is making the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and blockchain assets as the first platform for datafeeds in the space.