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Today’s crypto-markets are driven by crowd sentiment. Hype and fear dominate the price action. Santiment delivers clarity, with market sentiment content and datafeeds that can’t be found anywhere else.

Trade with confidence

Stop trading in the dark. Get a regular stream of curated market news and insights, with updates on blockchain happenings, trends, and sentiment. All available in easy-to-grasp newsletters, articles, and reports, and aggregated from across the web.

  • Never be blindsided by the crypto-markets again
  • Santiment gives you the daily pulse of cryptocurrency and blockchain markets
  • Get exclusive content streams from a network of crypto trading and investing experts

Minimize risk, maximize profit

Think you can find market patterns, but just need the data to prove it? Are you a quantitative trader, looking to trade at speed and scale? Wait no longer. Santiment brings you hard numbers as we build the worlds’ largest library of datafeeds, specifically for cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

  • Access a constantly growing library of blockchain, sentiment, and crowdsourced datafeeds
  • Use our low latency, real-time streams for quantitative trading
  • Connect to our API and let Santiment power your application with crypto’s most sophisticated datafeeds

Information Infrastructure for a Crypto-Financial World

Access everything you need to know about ICOs and crypto projects.

  • Access a constantly growing library of blockchain, sentiment, and crowdsourced datafeeds
  • Use our low latency, real-time streams for quantitative trading
  • Connect to our API and let Santiment power your application with crypto’s most sophisticated datafeeds

How Santiment Works

Ever notice how things in crypto get really exciting, people start making crazy predictions, and suddenly at its highest point, everything turns for the worst? Then at the pit of despair, when the crowd thinks all is lost, fortunes suddenly turn again?

We call this the “sentiment wave”, and Santiment is all about measuring crowd moods so that you can make ideal trading decisions. Every datafeed Santiment produces either contributes or gives insight into crowd sentiment, and you can make this data work for you.

Santiment generates revenue with a regular subscription fees. Our token, the Santiment Network Token (SAN), is used for accessing content and datafeeds. It can either be staked, giving holders limited access to services for free, or it can be spent in auctions to purchase our most exclusive data. This connects the SAN token value directly to the value of datafeeds and information Santiment produces.

The Roadmap for a Data-driven Blockchain Economy

  • Concierge MVP for crowdsourcing via community
  • Mobile alpha with charts and historical price feeds
  • Sentiment journaling game prototype
  • Subscription smart contract
  • First set of strategic partnerships
Q2-Q4 2017
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Crowdsale
  • Mobile App Alpha
  • Price History Datafeed
  • ICO Analysis Stream
  • Slack Sentiment Datafeeds
Q1 - Q2 2018
  • Blockchain Analytics Datafeeds
  • Santiment Database Alpha
  • Crowdsources Rumors Feed
  • Due Diligence Stream
Q3 - Q4 2018
  • Meta-Sentiment Datafeed Prototype
  • Team & Exchange Address Tracker
  • Regulatory Content Stream
Q4 - Future 2018
  • Crowd-Governed Data Vending
  • Projects Developments Stream
  • Content Platform R&D Release
  • Crowd Datafeed Voting & Governance
  • 200+ Datafeeds

A First Look at the Mobile App

The Santiment Alpha app has 3 parts:

  1. The sexiest mobile charts in crypto
  2. A full service price feed
  3. An experimental trollbox feed from BTC-e
  4. A journaling game that records your sentiment

Right now, it’s perfect for diving into prices and checking sentiment chatter, though it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. But with our first charts, trollbox feed and price feeds, we now have a core on which to build more sophisticated indicators and signals for mobile, which is a feat in itself.


Maksim Balashevich

Serial product creator and entrepreneur, from early work at IBM to co-founding a successful hosting company. After a 7-year break to study meditation, yoga, and modern financial systems analysis, he returned to introduce German quality to a social trading startup, then after 3 years left to follow a new passion… cryptocurrencies.

Personal Website

Dmitry Palchun
Ethereum Scientist

Smart contract developer and Ethereum enthusiast. Developing our token design and “Zero Knowledge Proof” part of the platform. He leads the Hamburg Ethereum community and brings more than 20 years of IT experience with him too.

Eugene Tartakovsky
Full-stack Developer

Full-stack web & mobile developer with a taste for beautiful UIs and seamless UX. Directs our app development. Crypto trader. Makes everything user-facing come alive.


Tzanko Matev, PhD

Data scientist, number theorist, and software developer. Brings experience with backend logic and sourcery. New crypto explorer. Meditator.


Mitchell Loureiro
Marketing/PR Wizard

Experienced crypto-marketer and communications specialist. Focused on creating strong tribes. Analyzes market trends and social models in his spare time. Accepts tips in the form of dusty old books.


Igor Matyushkin
Mobile Developer

Open source library craftsman and mobile app developer. Specializes in banking and financial applications. All about that mobile UX.


Kim Carson
UI/UX Designer

User-focused visual/interactive designer specializing in enterprise apps for web and mobile. Dreams in html/css and data visualizations. Wordsmither. Aspiring crypto trader.


Feng Jiahong
Designer & Illustrator

Design and visual druidess.
Creator of the Santiment brand, ants, and other magic creatures. Inspired by the adventure of the crypto world. Brings fintech experience, too.


Kelvin “Wilhelm” Lee
Community Manager

Better known as “Wilhelm” in the crypto space, he is your gateway to all things Santiment related. He ensures that communication between the team and the community is in sync, and information you need is at your fingertips. No stranger to building great communities either, he is also a core member of crypto-market’s largest slack, Cryptocopia. There have been rumors that he might just be an AI, have a chat with him to find out more.