Project Transparency

So you know what we're up to...

Transparency is important to us at Santiment. We’re accountable to you, our community, so we hope the following is helpful (this page will update frequently!)

Project Funds and Costs

  • Spent
  • Converted
  • Remaining

Token Sale (July, 2017) Collected: 45.000 ETH

Current Balance

Fiat  ~6,440 mln CHF
Team Tokens 18% of SAN token supply (~15.000.000 SAN) reserved for vested team distribution
Advisors/Partners, and Rewards 10% of SAN token supply (~8.000.000 SAN) reserved for parters and advisors + rewards pool

ETH Transactions

Completed 1.000 ETH for SAN buyback. Increased reward pool. OUT
Completed 8.000 ETH converted to CHF for operational purposes.
(5 ETH transactions: 3×2000 ETH, 2×1000 ETH)
Completed 2.000 ETH. Sell to prepare OTC exchange, to bring new institutional money to Ethereum OUT
Completed 3.000 ETH converted to EUR for Santiment operations. OUT

SAN Transactions

PendingTeam distribution, last part. 2×166.764 and 1×83.382 SANs

Team Distributions
Completed First team distribution in October. From ~2% (~1.600.000 SANs), 2×166.764 SANs have been claimed. Others have left their portions in the team wallet for now. OUT
Completed Team distribution continued. 3×166.764 and 1×83.382 SANs claimed. OUT
Pending Team distribution, still pending. 2×166.764 and 1×83.382 SANs
Pending Founder distribution, after 6 months vesting. 108.000 SANs from 1% of token supply (830.000 SANs).
Initially expected completion by Jan 31. Postponed for at least few weeks
Advisor Distributions
Completed 1.250.000 SAN. Distribution to for ICO advisory role. OUT
Completed 3 x 262.500 SANs (787.500 SANs) to Blockchain Research Lab OUT

Updated: March 18, 2018

  • Spent
  • Remaining

Pre-Sale (Feb, 2017) Collected: 12.000 ETH

Current Balance

Fiat ~113.000 SGD
Burn ~45.000 USD/mo

Updated: March 18, 2018
Payouts occur on the 1st and 15th of each month

Game Rules & Payouts

Coming soon!